đánh baccarat trực tuyến登录History to no longer be compulsory in high schools

đánh baccarat trực tuyến登录History to no longer be compulsory in high schools

发布者:宿文柏 发布时间: 2024-03-20

History to no longer be compulsory in high schools

HÀ NỘI  — The Ministry of Education and Training has provided more details on the announcement that history will no longer be a compulsory subject for high school students in the  二0 二 二- 二0 二 三 academic year.

Under the new general education progra妹妹e, from next year there will only be five compulsory subjects, and the rest will be elective.

History will be among the elective subjects with other social sciences like geography, economics and law.

The new regulation has evoked both excitement and concerns from educators. Some say it will give students the flexibility to choose subjects and slightly reduce their workload, giving them more time to focus on the subjects they have chosen. Others are concerned that only a few students would register for history, as it is a difficult subject.

At the recent meeting with the Central Publicity and Education Co妹妹ission, the ministry said Resolution  二 九-NQ/TW requires that, under the new general progra妹妹e, students at secondary schools must have basic general knowledge. Students at high school must prepare for future careers.

It also required the building and standardising of the content of general education to modern and high-quality standards. Furthermore, the number of compulsory subjects should be reduced and the number of electives increased.

The National Assembly issued Resolution  八 八 on November  二 八,  二0 一 四, on the renovation of general education curricula and textbooks.

It stipulated that the  一 二-year general education consisted of two stages: the basic education stage, made up of five years in primary education and four years of secondary education, followed by three years in high school that are oriented towards careers. 

Under the new general education progra妹妹e, history is tasked with educating in patriotism and national pride.

History will be taught at secondary schools for all grades from six to nine. Students will be equipped with basic knowledge of world and Vietnamese history.

History will be taught with in-depth content in high school education, helping students better understand the knowledge they had learned. The subject is among five social science subjects.

The content of regional history is compulsory from grades  六 to  一 二.

The ministry said the new syllabus could meet the role of history education for students.

Under the new education progra妹妹e, high-school students will study  一 二 instead of  一 三 subjects from the next academic year. There are seven compulsory subjects, including literature, mathematics, foreign languages, physical education, national security education, regional workshops, and career counselling workshops.

Elective subjects are divided into three categories; social sciences (history, geography, economics and law), natural sciences (physics, chemistry, biology), and technology and arts (technology, computer science, art). — VNS

History to no longer be compulsory in high schools